About Us


Transport Executive is a well known international moving company that has been active for ten years now. The main aspect about the company is that we are customer oriented.

For the last ten years we have managed to helped companies as well as individual clients to get to new premises without charging them high fees. This has helped in ensuring that we offer the best services and we maintain a positive reputation in the market.

Quality is one of the most serious things that we take about our business. We have set up control measures that enables us to monitor the quality of our office and residential moving. If by any chance you are not sure that the quality of service that you received is actually worth the money, get in touch with us and we will investigate the matter and if we find that the service was not offered well, we will give you a full or partial refund.

Social media marketing has helped us to market our local moving services tremendously. We also make use of the same platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to respond to clients questions and queries. We will work smart and hard to ensure that we respond to your query fast and on time.

Each and every service that we offer is fairly priced to ensure that you move with ease. Call us today for more details about the various residential moving services that we offer.